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WindFoiling - The #FutureOfWindsurfing?

Foiling is the most exiting evolution in sailing as proven by Americas Cup and SailGP.

It may not be the future of sailing for most weekenders, due to complexity, cost, and risk.

Foiling is, however, definitely the #FutureOfWindsurfing for everybody!

Here are three reasons why:

  • Kids and fun boarders of all ages can use any modern freeride board. Just add a foil as your low-wind equipment instead of a big rig.

  • Foiling makes Windsurfing in small waves and gusty low wind conditions possible and fun again.

  • The future of Olympic windsurfing is the Starboard iQFoil.

What is the future of YOUR windsurfing?

Is your Windsurfing career lagging?

Accept my SilverFoiler #Challenge and start WindFoiling this season!

Pilot: Jonathan Bleikvin, 11 years, 30+ kg.

Gear: Gecko 133 liter, Mantafoil, Duotone Now 4,4.

Photo: Helge Rotnes.

Starboard iQFoil. Olympic Windsurfing class for women and men in 2024.

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