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First Flights?

WindFoiling can be a bit intimidating when you are used to "fin" surfing.

Will you crash hard from way up there in the air?

Will you fall alot and spend hours with back-acking uphauls?

Will your friends see you struggling....?

Many of my SilverFoiler friends had their first flights this summer.

It does not have to be very hard.

Meet Stein Grytting; Short board "fin" surfer for more than 20 years, avid Marcialonga skier and crazy good cyclist. (He is 72 and cycled through Europe (South to North) with friends in 5 weeks a couple of years ago).

Here is a recording of Stein's first flight this summer:

The key to first flights is to just sail around abit with the foil engaged and the front foot in the strap like this.

When you speed up and the foil takes you out of the water, just shift weight forward and sheet out a bit.

On average people Solo in airplanes (gliders) in 15 hours of training.

On a Windfoil you fly Solo the first time you are out in more than 6-7 m/sek.

Just continue with small "hops" and extend these as you get used to the foil and keep the board going straight.

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