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The SilverFoilers #Challenge?

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

You knew how to Windsurf once.

Now your hair is gone.

Or gone Silver?

If you Windsurfed before, you can learn WindFoiling. You can become a SilverFoiler!

But why should you?

Why not just start Windsurfing again?

Or keep at it, - If you never quit?

Here is why:

I still Windsurf a lot at 62.

But it takes so much equipment.

Too much to drive around with;

A 95 litre Freewave board and a 121 liter FreeRace board for days of waves and wind.

A 158 litre Freeride for my 9.0m2 and those marginal days. (+ 7 sails on 5 riggs).

Yet I rarely get more than 9-15 days of good sailing in a season.

I started Windsurfing in 1975 because it was such a simple, cheap and fun way to learn sailing. I loved the learningcurve, - blasting through my own skill barriers.

Things that were impossible became second nature the next day!

Endless discussions on the beach about 360s, railriding, speed, manouvers, strongwind sailing etc.

The last years I've mostly been sailing alone.

My skills deteriorating slowly.

Two years ago I spent more than an hour swimming to get out of the wind shadow of an island I always managed easily before. What will the next 10-15 years bring?

"The older I get, The better I was" as JoJo says.

Then everything changed!

I got a Foil.

A Starboard Racefoil on a Carve 141 gave me:

- 6 times as many days on the water!

- 3 hour sessions. (Not exhausted after an hour anymore)

- That same blast learning new things as I had with Windsurfing at 16!

- Simpler equipment.(1 board, 3 sails and a foil suffice for most conditions where I sail).

I'll try and share this newfound passion in this blog.

I'd love for you to accept my challenge and become a SilverFoiler too!

Let's share these learnings and experiences on the beach and online.

I'll share in this blog.

I wish you all happy WindFoiling!

Anders Føyen

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