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We're here to fly. And turn!

The best part of Windsurfing is speed!

That pure adrenalin rush when it is going faster than you dare go.

I've been there.

Working to get 30 knots even on my waveboard!

I'm a Windsurfing speed freak at heart.

So, - what's the problem with that?


Except after I stopped racing, that #Mindset only lasted me 30 - 45 minutes.

Then I got exhausted and had to go home.

I swapped all my speed / slalom gear for freemove and freerace stuff.

It lets me power way down and last all day when I feel like it.

On the WindFoil it is all about flying.


And staying in the Air!

I swapped all my Windsurfing gear for one board and a foil that lets me fly.

All day.

Through waves, in the waves, in the gybes and around the bouys if there are any.

Like these guys:

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