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What #mindset will help you master WindFoiling?

It's not Windsurfing.

WindFoiling is windpowered flying.

Since beginning of time, I dreamed of flying;

I am running downhill.

Time slows down.

Suddenly I fly.

I soar!

Then I wake up :(

The Windsurfing mindset?

Assuming enough wind;

To get going, you enter the harness and the front strap and sheet in.

When planing, get into the back strap.

Sheet in some more, move down and back, and accellerate max.

Convert from windward to leward rail, riding mostly on the fin.

Everything becomes easy and stable.

But you knew that...

Tried this Windsurfing mindset on a WindFoil?

You'll wake up for sure!

The board bucks like a wild horse if you lean back.

Or turn sharply if you apply sideways forces on the "fin".

The WindFoiling mindset?

Stand upright.

Build takeoff speed slowly on a reach like a plane on a runway.

Get into the harness and front strap and sail straight.

Forget the back straps or leave them off.

Once you reach takeoff speed, be prepared to sheet out and/or weight forward.

Put the board down again at once.

Practice take-offs and landings in longer and longer "hops".

Stay low above the surface.

Just like the Wright brothers during their first flights.

Practice takeoffs, landings and S-turns on your WindFoil as if standing on top of a plane.

Once airborne you will accelerate to 15 - 20 knots.

Lean forward and sheet out to descend.

Lean left to go left, etc.

Soon you will fly whenever and where ever you want to.

Not only in your dreams!

#FirstFlight - Can you do it?

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