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The Carve 111 is pure Foiling FUN!

Easter provided ONE great sailing day with 7-9 m/sec.

Lots of sun. And 5 degree water...

We had sooo many questions.

We got some answers.

And some new questions!

The SuperCruiser 1700cm2 is fast enough that we don't miss our race foils.

Or was it fear of the 5 degree water that made us feel "fast enough"?

With 4,7 and 5,3 sails respectively, we had more than enough power, great footsteering and excellent handling. I had no "overfoiling" experiences, so I can't have been pushing for speed that much...

Footstrap fitting is always some work in cold water and I never felt comfortable entering the back strap. Should I have left them off? I think for the upright style of SuperCruiser foiling that will be OK. Might need that back strap when pushing upwind with a bigger sail though.

The board is big enough for uphauling the sail, but demands careful balancing of bodyweight.

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