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The Carve 111 is pure Foiling FUN!

Easter provided ONE great sailing day with 7-9 m/sec.

Lots of sun. And 5 degree water...

We got some answers.

And some new questions!

The SuperCruiser 1700cm2 is fast enough that we don't miss our race foils.

Or was it fear of the 5 degree water that made us feel "fast enough"?

With 4,7 and 5,3 sails respectively, we had more than enough power, great footsteering and excellent handling. I had no "overfoiling" experiences, so I can't have been pushing for speed that much...

Footstrap fitting is always some work in cold water and I never felt comfortable entering the back strap. Should I have left them off? I think for the upright style of SuperCruiser foiling that will be OK. Might need that back strap when pushing upwind with a bigger sail though.

The board is big enough for uphauling the sail, but demands careful balancing of bodyweight.

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