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ONE board to rule them all?

For the 2020 season we think ONE (foilable) board is all we really need.

And three sails, two masts and a boom. (Mine are 6,7 - 5,3 and 4,7).

But like us, you already have something like that?

I am 95 kg. I need 110 liters to pull the rig and go upwind after the wind dies.

Will the Carve 111 be:

  • Small enough for bump and jump with a fin on a 5,3?

  • Stable enough to blast past friends with a 6,7 free-race sail and a slalom fin?

  • Big enough to uphaul and go upwind with large sails in low winds?

  • Fast enough, that we don't miss our race foils?

  • Wide enough, that we don't break our ancles when pushing upwind with a 6,7 ?

  • Fun like dedicated foil boards with very low swing weight? (For instance Foil X 105).

The questions are many.

Last time I thought I had this figured out, I got a small slalom board and a big sail.

It did'nt take off early.

It did'nt manouver well.

It did'nt go fast enough to ignore the above.

Will the 1700cm2 Starboard SuperCruiser WindFoil enable everything in one board?

We can't wait to get on the water and find out!

SilverFoilers Anders Føyen And Carl Peter (CP) Aaser

With a 5,3 wave sail, we'll be flying from 8-13 m/sek. Add a 7.0 for the marginal conditions and a 4,5 for the windy wavy days.
ONE Board to rule them all?

2020 Starboard Carve 111 Flax Balsa with 1700cm2 SuperCruiser foils

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