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Learn WindFoiling in one, two, three.

Updated: May 1, 2020

You'll FLY in an hour if;


You are skilled with a harness and foot straps in 7-8 m/sek.

You have a foil board that you can up-haul on and (any) 5,5 - 6,5 m2 sail.


Before you go out - read and visualize how:


  • "Taxi" straight line on the "runway"

  • Take off and sheet out/weight forward immediately to practice landing gently.

  • Fly!

Extend low micro flights until you can stay in the air.

Stand upright and experiment with weight adjustments in all directions to get a feel for the steering after take off.

Think you need more tips? I think you don't.

You just need more repetitions to build new muscle memory for:

  • Take off speed and acceleration

  • Sheeting out/weight forward motions to stop "over-foiling" at max speed

  • Foot-steering and throttling power with the sail

If you are an info-junkie like me, however, inspiration and learnings can be had in WindFoiling videos all over internet. Like these?

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